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Was the 2020 Election Stolen?

Do you wonder how you could go from leading on election night in key states, and then, after suspicious shutdowns in the middle of the night, all the leads turn around?

Well, I do, and it appears a coordinated effort was run to overturn the results of the election with illegitimate mail in ballots, many of which were either post dated or stolen.

More to come!

It Is Like Christmas In October!

With the confirmation of Amy Coney Barret to be an Associate Justice on the U.S. Supreme Court, and then having her sworn in, I feel like the American People received an early Christmas present. She is an extremely well qualified individual who will serve with honor on the Supreme Court, despite of what some (All?) on the left said about her during her confirmation hearing.

We will find here to be fair and honest, but not one to impose our policy prescriptions on the country, unlike her predecessor who chose to see so much through a liberal lens as to what was best in a particular case.

God rest her soul.

The country is in good hands!

Merry christmas 2018!

To all those out in Gadsden Purchase land, we here at the Gadsden Purchase Prognosticator wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year 2019!

Thank the Lord for all your blessings and all to come in the New Year!

London Bridge Attack

It appears that another terrorist attack has occurred in England. Gadsden Purchase Prognosticator thoughts and prayers go out to the injured, the families of those who were killed and those who were caught up in this cowardly attack.

Much can be said about this attack and the proper response to it by those in charge of security in England, but that can wait. But the people of England need to decide what kind of country they want to have and how they should respond to these kinds of attacks. The current response is not working.

Again, our GPP thoughts and prayers go out to the people of England.

Good night from GPP Cochise!