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Was the 2020 Election Stolen?

Do you wonder how you could go from leading on election night in key states, and then, after suspicious shutdowns in the middle of the night, all the leads turn around?

Well, I do, and it appears a coordinated effort was run to overturn the results of the election with illegitimate mail in ballots, many of which were either post dated or stolen.

More to come!

What The Quest for “Single Payer” Will Do To U.S. “Healthcare”

An article in The Telegraph (“One million patients a week cannot get a GP appointment, statistics show”) shows the joy of “single payer” that progressives want to impose on the American people. The National Health Service (NHS) cannot get 1 million patients and appointment each week.

I hear all kinds of “whining” about 22 million will lose “healthcare” under the Senate plan, but nothing about what they actually are getting under Obamacare. The Medicare expansion provides nothing that looks like “healthcare” to most Americans, and is a financial disaster with fraud and mismanagement by the beloved Federal Government and many state governments that willingly expanded their Medicaid programs without any way to pay for, just like here in the Gadsden Purchase state.

The government is not competent at providing “healthcare” any more than the Veterans Administration is currently doing it. We need a free market in “healthcare” so that we can get what we want, not what Progressives say is good coverage. They wouldn’t know good coverage if it hit them in the face!

Come on Senators, get off your backsides and repeal Obamacare and get us to a free market in “healthcare!”

Inauguration Day – Who’d A Thunk It?

Who, besides Ann Coulter thought we would be here a year ago last July? I’ll tell you, Donald J. Trump (ehem . . . THAT’s President Donald J. Trump to you!).

Here at GPPCochise, we really didn’t think much of his chances back in 2015 and preferred Ted Cruz. But others thought he was an excellent choice, and once the President (don’t you love the sound of that?) won GPPCochise’s home state, we didn’t have much of a choice beyond The Donald (ehem . . . THAT’s President The Donald to you!).

So here we are, our long national nightmare is over (thank you President Reagan!) and we will get a wall. Finally!!!!!

I’ll sleep better tonight knowing we have a President that actually believes that the American People should be safe, not one who believes we should get accustomed to a certain level of violence – yeah, he did say it!

So sleep well America, there is a new Sheriff in town (ehem . . . THAT’s President new Sheriff to you!)

Good night from GPPCochise country!